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Author Topic: Legendary Crafting Issues
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Post Legendary Crafting Issues
on: June 7, 2018, 03:42


Is it possible to reach 600/600 without using slabs?I saw a guy make a post on global saying that he was stuck at 595/600, which really sucks, being just short of max level. From the way he said it, it seemed like he got the “this business skill cannot be levelled further” message, which prevented him to go further.
The last recipe for the mages/monk is the powerful flax robe, which starts at level 580. If each recipe gives 15 level, as most recipes now do, 580+15=595, bringing you just short of max level.
WTF IS THIS FOR REAL?? GL is so hungry for money that they force us to buy slabs in order to reach max crafting? The max level for crafting is so essential for those who want T3, and it seems GL screwed us over by making us just short. Why?? Why do this to your playerbase GL?? Not to mention they made us spend money on other things. I hope this wasn’t the “good change” that they wanted to add to crafting.Is this for real or is this a glitch? Maybe the last recipe gives 20 levels instead of 15… Whats going on here?

Any help will be apprecited.

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