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Author Topic: Crafting Menu Issues
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Post Crafting Menu Issues
on: June 7, 2018, 03:41


I have a mod which creates a ‘reverse’ recipe for all the in-game recipes. These are all set to not be craftable. They are assigned to their own category.Even though every single one is not craftable in hand, the category tab appears on the ‘player’ crafting menu.Now, this may be working as intended, but it’s ugly and confusing for the user.That’s the first bug. It’s 100% repeatable and in v0.12.33
2nd bug. I’ve tried to make this problem go away by making every recipe hidden. This indeed does stop the tab from appearing in the player’s crafting menu.
But when I go to my mod’s machine (based on an assembling machine) none of my recipes appear, but EVERY default game recipe appears instead, all red and all unselectable.This again is 100% repeatable and in v0.12.33
Again, this may be ‘working as intended’ but I’d like to propose that some way is introduced to hide categories from a players crafting menu, maybe by having a nil icon, because if there’s no icon, you don’t have a picture for the tab.

Any help will be apprecited.

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