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Author Topic: What's the funniest thing your parents have done?
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on: April 7, 2018, 14:24


The funniest things my mum has done.
She was on the phone one morning to the police about something at her work at cooking me and my friend breakfast at the same time. Just as she got through to the police she realised breakfast was burning anf said “OH I can smell bacon” and put the phone down and wondered why my and my mate were on the floor laughing! Bless her! :D
One day when she was driving and speeding a little a police car with flashing lights on overtook her and then puled in front of her and stopped to have a word. She said “What a stupid place to park” and overtook them until my dad told her in actually fact that were stopping her about her speeding! I think he told her just in time!
What’s the funniest thing your parents have done?

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